Info on choosing nappies

How to choose the perfect Poopsy Daisy nappy for you.


First what do you want to use it for day or night?


Second would be is your baby a light to medium wetter or medium to heavy or really heavy (keep in mind more FTM think they have a heavy wetter, in my eyes a heavy wetter using sposies must be changed at least 3 times during the night)


Day Use – SIO with hidden PUL is great the last here 4+ hours. Medium wetters during the day.


Hybrid fitteds – hidden fleece they last coverless for 2 to 3 hours once fully prepped (at least 10 washes) very breathable and help keep away any redness.


Hybrid fitted with hidden windpro last a good 3 hours coverless.


FIO – this is designed for light to medium wetters for day and night use


Night use – SIO is not recommended as it will still require a cover and rather invest is something with a hidden layer that absorbs.


Hybrid with hidden fleece good option for a light to medium wetter may need an additional booster. Not my favorite for heavy wetters as I feel the layer of fleece add bulk for nothing.


Fitteds with hidden hemp are much better for night use esp if paired with a hemp inner as that allows for it to hold alot more. It most likely will need a booster of some sort for heavy wetters.


Covers are recommended for all nappies for night use. If you baby is a light wetter you manage without one


Fleece Night Nappies.


Fleece night nappies come with either a hidden layer of fleece or a hidden layer of PUL. These night nappies have a combo of hemp and bamboo for the inserts totaling 10 Layers of absorption not including the inner layer on the nappy. If hemp then it has more absorption.  Light/medium wetters can get away without a cover. Heavy wetters will still need a cover.


Windpro Night nappies.

Windpro is a great water resistant fleece it is almost waterproof.  In these nappies there is a hidden layer of hemp in the shell as well as 12 layers in the inserts. Heavy wetters may still need a cover.