Fabric Info

Cotton Lycra.
Great for clothing
Has a stretch to it so perfect for many types of clothing.
Not advisable for covers as it wicks easily so the outer can get wet.
Not advisable for night nappies same reason as covers.
Works for day nappies as these we change often so would change baby before too much wicking happens.
Its from the swimsuit family.
Has 50 UVP so great for swimsuits
Doesn’t absorb so works well for covers and nappies.
This is a fluffyish warm fabric. It is soft on the skin so works well for inner in a SweetDreamz.
Minky spots are needed for cuddle nights.
Also works for covers and warmer clothing.
This fabric has a silky outer feel like swimsuit but softer.
It doesn’t have any sun protection so not ideal for swimsuits.
It is great for nappies and outer on covers
Also makes nice cool clothing as the inside as a cottonish feel although it is synthetic.
This is a waterproof fabric with a plastic layer laminated to the back.
Polyurethane laminate is a compound fabric made by laminating a cloth fabric to one or both sides of a thin film of polyurethane.
Most PUL fabric is made by laminating lightweight polyester interlock knit fabric to a 1 mil thick film of polyurethane.
This is not ideal for any type of clothing.
Can do nappies or bags
Athletic wicking jersey. (AWJ)
This fabric is synthetic and stay dry.
It is used for athletic clothing to let the sweat out and not actually feel wet. So babies skin stays dry and has no wetness against it.
Available in bright colors
Cotton Velour (CV)
This is a soft plush like fabric
It is 70-80% cotton and rest polyester
It has a damp to wetish feel when wet due to the cotton content.
this is imported not available locally
Cotton Fleece
This is a 100% cotton fabric and has a wet feel to the skin.
Locally produced and sourced
This is what we use for fitteds and inserts in the nappies as it is a very absorbent fabric
This comes in both waterproof or water resistant.
Soft Shell Fleece is designed with a woven shower proof front and fleece backing fabric.
It is wind & water resistant plus warm & breathable all of which make it an ideal outer fabric or perfect for layering with other clothing.


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