Few words about us

Where PoopsyDaisy started

I am a WAHM of 4 kids. Joshua is 15, Kaitlyn 12, Kaleb 5 and Miguel is now 3.5yrs. I however try to ensure all orders are kept within the production time. Kaleb was born in 2013 and I started using modern cloth nappies (I had used terry cloth with my older ones) around the time he was 4 month old I was looking for a good night solution and couldn't find one so we started researching making cloth nappies. after lots of trial and error I came up with a combo of fabrics that held fairly well and had them tested. Since then my nappies have evolved a few times and are now at the point where I am so proud of them. I have no formal training at all, my mom taught me the basics of a sewing machine when I was a young girl (she ran a clothing business when I was a young girl) the rest I have learnt slowly over time and am really proud of how far I have come in the period of time I have been sewing.

My husband is such a great support to me and puts up with long work hours and fabric shopping on the weekends. My kids are also awesome with helping.