How to order print nappies, covers, clothing & other items

How to order print nappies, covers, clothing.

Option 1.

Join a preorder group that is formed. We post pics of a print available and the price details of that print. Preorder spots are for prints that are still to be printed so there is a wait. Locally printed is about 6 weeks till its on hand and international is 12-16 weeks. Once it arrives I will post fabric mail and then tag you on the thread when ready for your order.

(What is a spot? A spot is the pretty print loaded onto the group. This is a part of a mtr of fabric and not an entire mtr. It is then used for the outer of your nappy or for part of your clothing item. The spot price is only for the print it doesn’t include any other costs. The production charges are over and above the spot cost. Spot is just a term I use rather than portion, or bit, cut etc)

Option 2.

Join and order group for retail or BST fabrics. These only take about 4 weeks to arrive

Option 3.

Score a flash sale spot or a spot stocked on a thread.

Basically to order you must secure a spot in a print. You can’t just order anything or any print at any time.

Spots are all loaded on our facebook group so you need to be a member,

Once you have your spot;

Nappies are ordered online day nappies range from R350-450 and upwards depending on all the upgrades you choose to add. This price is over and above the preorder spot price. The spot price only covers the print.
Production charge includes the following; Hidden Layer, Inner Layer, 11 insert layers in a day nappy, upto 23 insert layers in a night nappy (depends on type ordered) the snaps, thread, label, elastic, time to cut it out, time to take photos and have you choose, time to put snaps in, time to sew it up, time to sew inserts ETC this process can take aprox 2.5-3hours per nappy.

Clothing I am still in the process of setting up an ordering form or something to that effect but for now it is ordered via a thread. There are 2 threads one for my seamstress and one for me. I have started a pricelist and this can be found in files. Other prices I calculate as necessary. Customization of items is available at an upcharge.

Other accessories are ordered either online or on a thread info will be added depending on what the item is.

Other ways to get a PoopsyProduct these are ready made and sold as is cannot make changes.

1.Flash sale. Random or planned sales on the group

2. Monthly Stockings, fastest fingers first score these.

Items that are available to order at all times are these;

Little Daisy mixed set orders