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Where PoopsyDaisy started

I am a WAHM of 4 kids. Joshua is 13, Kaitlyn 10, Kaleb 3 and Miguel is now 19months. We also do homeschooling which can on somedays make for a very busy day. I however try to ensure all orders are kept within the production time. Kaleb was born in 2013 and I started using modern cloth nappies (I had used terry cloth with my older ones) around the time he was 4 month old I was looking for a good night solution and couldn't find one so we started researching making cloth nappies. after lots of trial and error I came up with a combo of fabrics that held fairly well and had them tested. Since then my nappies have evolved a few times and are now at the point where I am so proud of them. I have no formal training at all, my mom taught me the basics of a sewing machine when I was a young girl (she ran a clothing business when I was a young girl) the rest I have learnt slowly over time and am really proud of how far I have come in the period of time I have been sewing.

My husband is such a great support to me and puts up with long work hours and fabric shopping on the weekends. My kids are also awesome with helping.

Please note we are closed from Christmas and reopen on the 16th of January 201. Any orders placed during this period will be worked on when we reopen. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support. Dismiss